Safety & wind farm hazards

As countries all over the world move toward wind energy in some capacity, it carries operational risks that must be handled in a safe and effective manner.  Depending on the area and climate, wind conditions can quickly change, thereby, creating situational hazards that arise rapidly which requires a well thought out approach and experienced operators.  True Steel routinely completes wind farm maintenance lift plans.  Our lift plans are site specific and address: ground conditions, potential obstructions, equipment on site, crane requirements including all rigging details, setup and configuration parameters, crane operator with contact information, and other necessary items.

True Steel travels to complete wind farm maintenance work in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and surrounding states and our lift plans are a critical requirement in addressing wind and other hazards to ensure our jobsites and personnel are working under the safest possible conditions.  Cranes utilized at wind farms often work at boom heights over 300’ in height.  There is often tremendous weight and forces involved both in the actual lift and what is transferred to the ground that must also be considered and calculated.  Every site needs to be viewed with a fresh and new perspective for each lift plan completed.

As weather conditions develop and change, plans and training must be in place to handle these different scenarios.  True Steel has protocols and highly trained personnel to monitor changing conditions and make preparations that will safely address potential hazards as they may arise.