Oklahoma Wind Energy

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Oklahoma Wind Energy

Oklahoma currently has an installed capacity of 8,173 megawatts with 1,017 megawatts under construction and supplies approximately 34% of electricity in Oklahoma.  Only natural gas is the next highest energy contributor at almost 52%.

How is a megawatt of energy produced?



How a megawatt of power is produced

The highest annual average winds produced tend to be in the western part of the state which can produce upwards of 19 to 22 mph at approximately 262 feet for the turbine hub height.  Oklahoma offers wind education & training for those interested in working in this growing energy sector.  Some of these locations include High Plains Technology Center, Oklahoma State University, Pioneer Technology Center and Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

True Steel Crane & Rigging offers maintenance services to support the wind farms in Oklahoma for a variety of needs.  This may include hoisting workers to perform lubrication, changing out blades and other repair and service needs.  True Steel offers 24 hour emergency crane services and also offers equipment rental to meet the diverse situations of every job site and project.

Oklahoma is affiliated with the Wind Coalition which is an association with the intent to promote wind energy infrastructure development and to help position wind energy providers and supportive businesses like True Steel so that wind will be a  leading provider of clean, dependable and affordable source of power.