Heavy Equipment Hauling

Heavy Equipment Hauling in Oklahoma and Across the US

Do you have something big to move? We offer heavy equipment hauling services for loads up to 140,000 pounds. We offer experienced, certified drivers as well as a material escort to make sure that your load gets to the destination safely. An extensive understanding of permit laws allow us to pull the right permits and adhere to all appropriate regulations throughout the haul.

We operate throughout the state of Oklahoma. We can move your loads all over the United States, depending on your needs. Here's what you need to know about heavy equipment hauling and what we can do to help.

What is Heavy Equipment Transport?

If you need to move something huge, there are special restrictions about how to do it. Everything gets more complicated when you're dealing with a very heavy load, from the vehicle that transports the large load to the permits and roads to take.

The challenge is even greater when equipment is valuable or contains delicate components. Even a minor mishap in handling or packing can result in an expensive disaster. That's why it is essential that you choose a professional heavy equipment transport company with extensive experience in heavy equipment hauling.

If you have never needed to transport heavy equipment, you will surely have some anxiety about choosing a heavy equipment transport company. Trusting other companies with your equipment is part of doing business, but many business owners prefer to avoid it whenever possible.

Carefully think through what you need to have done and choose a company that you feel confident can do the job for you. Don't be afraid to ask questions to make sure that you are getting the service that you need.

We're experienced in a wide range of industries. You may be surprised by how much understanding we have about your business.

What Equipment Might Need Heavy Equipment Hauling?

  • Construction equipment. Many kinds of construction equipment can be transported on the highway in a trailer or under its own motor, but very large and/or specialized construction equipment may need to be transported through heavy equipment hauling.
  • Commercial and industrial equipment. Factories and commercial buildings often required heavy equipment to process their products.
  • Oil field and mining equipment. All kinds of large industries, from oil drills to mines, depend on heavy equipment to get the job done. This equipment may need to be moved relatively frequently from site to site.

How Are Heavy Equipment Hauls Conducted?

Some pieces of equipment can be shipped, while others can be transported on a flatbed or a standard trailer. Some of the heaviest or most unusually shaped equipment may need to be towed.

Flatbed Heavy Haul

Most heavy equipment can be shipped using a straightforward flatbed. We have flatbeds of all different sizes and capacities. Our flatbeds allow for easy loading and unloading, no matter what you need to transport.

The largest flatbeds can handle loads up to 48,000 pounds. We can also rent you the tools that you may need to load and unload the equipment and move it to where it needs to be.

Special Trailers for Heavy Hauling

Specialized trailers must be used for loads that are over 48,000 lb or are oversized. Our trailers can accommodate heavy and tall equipment and loads of strange sizes and shapes.

If a specialized trailer is needed, the chances are good that permits will need to be pulled and other special considerations will need to be taken into account as well. We can pull the necessary permits and take care of every aspect of planning the route.

Towing Heavy Equipment

If you are only moving heavy equipment a short distance and it is too large or heavy to go on a trailer, towing it is sometimes an option.  Our experienced personnel can help you determine whether your machinery can be safely towed and what needs to be done to prepare it for towing. We can also pull necessary permits for towing equipment across roads or over public or private land.

Heavy Hauling at True Steel Crane & Rental

True Steel offers heavy hauling services up to 140,000 pound capacity with certified drivers and material escort. True Steel follows all permit laws and adheres to all regulations for safe heavy hauling applications. We haul within the state of Oklahoma and all over the United States as well depending on your needs.

What Matters When Choosing Heavy Equipement Hauling?

Heavy equipment hauling is a meaningful investment. Both the cost of having your equipment hauled and the expense of the equipment that may be at risk if the company does something incorrectly are of concern. Here are some things to look for to help you choose a responsible company that will move your heavy equipment effectively in a timely fashion.


A company will be no good to you if they do not have the equipment needed to haul your specific load. We have a wide range of equipment to handle all kinds of loads. Talk to us about your load, how much it weighs, and what your schedule is.

We can help you determine what equipment is needed to haul it. If you're not sure, we'll also make sure that we have a level up of hauling equipment in case your equipment needs stronger hauling power.


A company will be no good to you if they do not have the equipment needed to haul your specific load. We have a wide range of equipment to handle all kinds of loads. Talk to us about your load, how much it weighs, and what your schedule is.

We can help you determine what equipment is needed to haul it. If you're not sure, we'll also make sure that we have a level up of hauling equipment in case your equipment needs stronger hauling power.


You are paying to have your heavy equipment transported, so the chances are pretty good that you must get your equipment to its destination at a particular time. We work out of four separate locations throughout Oklahoma so that we can have the equipment you need where you need it in a timely fashion. Talk to us about your schedule so that we can make sure that we can meet your deadlines.


We carry plenty of insurance for liability and cargo to cover any damages that may occur while we are shipping your valuable equipment. We understand that the equipment is an investment and that you can't afford a problem. Our experience prepares us for a problem-free haul, but if something goes wrong, we have the insurance to cover it.

What Should You Do to Prepare for Your Haul?

We take care of most aspects of your equipment haul for you, but there are a few things that you must take care of first.

Check the Manual

Your equipment manual likely has specific steps that you should go through to prepare for an equipment haul. Batteries may need to be disconnected and engine fluids emptied. Your manual can tell you about any loose parts that may need to be secured so that nothing will fall off along the way.

Cover Vulnerable Parts of Your Equipment

Don't stop with what the manual tells you to do to prepare. Use your own common sense to prepare your equipment for hauling.

Any doors, drawers, or vents that may open or close if the equipment is tilted or turned should be secured by zip tying them closed or taping. Any parts of your equipment that are vulnerable to the elements should be securely covered, in case there is rain or other inclement weather while your equipment is being transported. In freezing temperatures, you may need to prepare any tanks and lines for frost. During very hot weather, you may need to protect vulnerable parts of your equipment against heat.

Prepare a Space for Pickup and Drop-Off

Whether your equipment is towed or put onto a truck or trailer, we will need some room to maneuver to both pick-up and drop off your equipment. If it is vital that the equipment be unloaded inside if the weather is poor, make sure there is warehouse space available and enough room for a transport vehicle to drive in.

What Other Equipment Might You Need?

Often, you'll need additional equipment to position the heavy equipment appropriately once it is delivered. Sometimes a Skid steer may be necessary to move equipment after it is delivered. A boom lift or reach forklift may be necessary to assemble the equipment and get it ready to work.

We rent out a wide range of equipment which may be helpful for you, so ask us about any other tools that you might need.

Choose True Steel Crane & Rental for Heavy Equipment Hauling

True Steel Crane & Rental has the experience and the hauling equipment that your company needs to accomplish your heavy equipment hauling goals. We hold ourselves to a high level of safety. We are methodical in all of our procedures to ensure that the job is done quickly without risks. Our full-service company maintains our equipment so you can feel confident that whatever you rent from us or whatever service you need, we'll be ready right on schedule.