Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1



Max Capacity:  600 US Ton

Main Boom Length:  276 ft

Max Tip Height:  465 ft


  • 600 US Ton capacity
  • Telescopic 7 boom section from 53 ft to 276 ft
  • Lattice jib from 20 ft to 299 ft
  • 8 cylinder Diesel, 326 hp engine.  680 hp drive engine
  • 8 axles with a top speed of 53 mph
  • Total ballast of 363,800 lb
  • Crane length of 70′ 2″ and 31′ 6″ wide with outriggers extended

The suspension system consists of axles with hydropneumatic suspension and an automatic leveling system.  There is load equalization between the axle pairs and the suspension can be locked hydraulically.  The turning radius at the outside front axle is 43′ 4″ and an inside turning radius, between the outriggers, at 23′ 5″.  This performance is powered by a semi-integral power steering, dual circuit system with hydraulic servo-system and additional backing pump driven by an axle.  The brakes are powered by an all wheel, servo-air brake dual circuit system.  There is also a retarder, TELMA-type eddy current brake which is an electromagnetic braking system that dissipates much of the braking energy therefore relieving the primary braking system.  Finally there is a spring loaded hand brake that acts on all wheels attached to axles 4 through 8.

Safety devices include the LICCON safe load indicator, test system, hoist limit switches and safety valves to protect against rupture of pipes and hoses.  Crane controls consist of 2 self centering joy sticks and pedal switches for telescoping.  There is infinitely variable crane motions through displacement control of the hydraulic pumps.  Additional working speed control is available by variation of the diesel engine.





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