GMK5250L-1 Crane



Max Capacity: 300 US Ton

Main Boom Length: 230 ft

Max Tip Height: 360 ft


• 300 USt capacity
• 43.5ft – 229.7ft seven-section boom
• 69ft swingaway with jib and/or boom inserts
• Maximum 121ft length and up to 50 degree offset
• 80 Ton counterweight with hydraulic removal system
• MEGATRAK independent hydro-pneumatic suspension
• Mercedes OM471LA turbo-charged diesel 6 cylinder engine
• Mercedes G280 with VIAB transmission.

The MEGATRAK suspension system is the best off road driveline available on the market today. The systems versatility and performance allows the GMK5165 to operate as a true all terrain crane. The MEGATRAK independent suspension and all wheel steering system allows wheels to remain on the ground at all times so stresses and weight are not continually transferred between axles.

• A reliable suspension system
• Excellent job site maneuverability with all wheel steering
• Commonality among almost all models
• A driveline that remains aligned at all times
• A steering linkage system that is protected against damage
• Constant tire contact for equal tire wear
• Reduced maintenance

Control System

Full electronic control of all crane movements using electrical control levers with automatic reset to zero. Integrated with the RCL and engine management system by CAN-BUS. Crane Control System (CCS) with system and graphic display

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