800 Series Boom Lift



The 800 series telescopic boom lifts that we carry include the 860SJ and the 800S.  The 860SJ has a platform height of 86 ft and the 800S has a platform height of 80 ft.  Please view the following links for further information and performance specifications.


Platform Height:
860SJ  86 ft
800S  80 ft

Horizontal Outreach:
860SJ  75 ft
800S  71 ft

Platform Capacity
860SJ  (Restricted)  750 lbs
860SJ  (Unrestricted)  500 lbs

800S  (Restricted)  1000 lbs
800S  (Unrestricted)  500 lbs

860SJ  36,230 lbs
800S  33,030 lbs

Drive Speed
860SJ  3.5 mph
800S  3.5 mph

Gradeability (860SJ & 800S):
2WD :  25%
4WD:   45%

Turning Radius (860SJ & 800S)
Outside 19 ft 8 in





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