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True Steel is an Ada Oklahoma based crane and rigging company with the resources and capabilities to meet a wide range of needs and project scopes.  We have completed many successful operations throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. Our equipment availability and experienced personnel allow us to excel in complex situations requiring unique solutions.  We are a full-service company experienced in wireline services, wind farm maintenance, rig moves, tower sets, heavy container sets, transformer moves and relocation and much more.  We aim to respond quickly, work safely, and meet all expectations.  We believe you will enjoy working with our team as we enjoy what we do and it shows in our performance.  Call us today - we look forward to meeting you and providing you with crane rental services for your project!


Crane Service Ada, OK


True Steel can satisfy a wide range of needs and projects of different scopes throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. We have well-maintained equipment and experienced personnel to help you meet your project goals with ease.

We thrive in complex situations. Crane rental Ada Oklahoma and surrounding areas needs to be able to handle rugged Oklahoma terrain. We have the experience and resources to come up with unique solutions and put them into action.

We offer a range of services and equipment to assist you with a variety of jobs. We can also handle all of the different aspects of each job. We let you get the job done without having to work with lots of different companies. Our goal is always to respond quickly, get the work done safely, and meet your expectations.

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy working with our team. We enjoy what we do, and you can see it in our performance. Call or use our contact form today to get started.

How We Can Serve You

We strive to creatively serve you in whatever equipment needs you have. Specialized industries often have specific requirements. We're accustomed to working with all kinds of industries to offer equipment that can get the job done safely and efficiently.

We offer a significant portion of the equipment that you may need for any project. We'd love to be your source for equipment for whatever job you need to do.

Wireline Services


Well sites depend on consistent flow and solid integrity. Complications are sure to arise. When they do, the decisions about what chemicals, products, or tools to use are important both for the health of the well and the timely resolution of the problem.

Crane operators must be ready to execute their function and monitor the crane's status, components, and rigging whenever the decision is reached.

Wind Farm Maintenance

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Wind farms use wind to turn the blades of a turbine, which generates electricity. The components of these turbines need maintenance to work their best. Because wind turbines are so high, specialized cranes with extra high-reaching capacity are necessary.

We know just how to use our cranes to get workers where they need to be to lubricate turbines, change out blades, and perform other maintenance tasks.

Heavy Container Sets

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Loads that are over a state's legal limit fall into the category of heavy hauling. The weight of the item is important, but so is the length, height, and overall size. Items must be classified properly since overweight and oversize permits must be obtained from each relevant state.

Not only can we move your heavy containers and other objects, but we will carefully plan our route and obtain all necessary permits.

Steel Fabrication


Are you in need of steel structures at your job site? We know steel. Much of our steel fabrication is done in house. We deliver it directly from our facility to your job site, saving you time and effort working out transportation.

We already have the equipment that your job needs, so why not let us produce your steel structures too? We can make customized platforms, stairs, guardrail and handrail systems, heavy beams, and ladders.

Transformer Moves and Location

True Steel Crane & Rental - True Steel rental equipment available in OKC, Enid, Ada, and Kingfisher - crane and rental services in Oklahoma City.

When you need to move potentially dangerous electrical components like transformers, generators, or turbines, you need to feel confident that you have a crane and operator that value safety highly. We safely utilize the right equipment to disconnect, move, and reconnect your large electrical machinery.

And Much More

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If you need to reach a difficult place for maintenance, want to position large, heavy machinery precisely, or need to transport difficult-to-move machinery or materials, we can help. We've worked on a wide variety of projects and we have the expertise to tackle your job.

Our equipment can handle just about anything. All that is standing in the way of your project is the creativity and drive to make it happen.

Rental Terms That Work for You

We couldn't be prouder of our fleets of the best cranes and other equipment known to the industry. Based in Ada, OK, our cranes work on wind farms all throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas.  Contact us to get the equipment that you need, where you need it. We are experienced in moving heavy equipment as well as other big loads, so we're happy to meet you with the tools and material that you need, where you need it.

Whether you need a one-time rental for a specific project, need equipment frequently for big projects, or need to rent a piece of equipment for regular use, we've got you covered. Our experienced personnel can help you choose the equipment you need and give you all of the necessary relevant information regarding its use.

True Steel - Crane rental Oklahoma City - crane at work.

Oklahoma Crane Services, Ada, OK

  • All-terrain. Our fleet of all-terrain cranes handle most of the projects that we work on. They can reach a long way, lift heavy loads, and take being off-road with ease. Furthermore, these cranes have effective highway cruising speeds that make them great at moving from site to site. We have a range of sizes to meet you needs.
  • Crawler. When you have extremely rough terrain but require easy maneuverability, the Crawler Crane is what you need. They can lift heavy weights and move loads across sites, all while working well within tight clearances.
  • Rough terrain. If a crane that can handle off-roading best is more important to you than a crane that can drive on the highway, you’ll appreciate these rough terrain cranes. Once on-site, these cranes can go just about anywhere.
  • Attachments. Customize your equipment to your needs. Attachments for versatile tools like the skid steer include pallet forks, root grapple, auger drive, and bucket. Whatever unique job you have to do, we have an attachment to get it done.


Safety First at True Steel Crane Services, Ada, OK

Image to show safety is our core value consisting of stop, listen, then act.

At True Steel, we are dedicated to safety. We believe that high safety standards matter, so we partner with all relevant safety compliance organizations. Not only do we strive to meet standards, but we are always learning and coming up with new ways to work safer as well as better.

Here is what we do to promote safety in the workplace and our safety compliance partners.

  • Supply chain risk management. Having supplies available when and where we need them is essential to our clients and us. Avetta and Browz have extensive resources to offer us some of the industry's best supply chain risk management.
  • Safe practices companywide. ComplyWorks offers dynamic solutions to work and processes to make practices throughout the company as safe as possible.
  • Hiring and management. Our employees are the backbone of company safety. DISA screens applicants and offers the highest quality compliance services, including substance testing, background checks, and health screening.
  • Employee management. We partner with PEC to make sure that True Steel employees always come home safely.
  • Promote safe conditions at mining sites. Mining sites are among the most dangerous worksites, so a specialized organization like MSHA is essential. This division of the US Department of Labor ensures that safe conditions are maintained at mining sites.
  • Health and safety data. Great data is essential for making good decisions down the road. ISNetworld collects and stores health and safety data. We use this data to streamline our qualification processes and offer organization structure for efficient operations throughout our company.

Whatever your construction project, maintenance need, or other requirements for equipment, we have you covered. Our four locations are stocked with well-maintained fleets of the highest-quality and most up-to-date equipment that you can find, including crane rental.  Ada, OK and surrounding areas have been served by True Steel for many years.

We have the tools that you need to get the job done well. We know that every second counts in equipment rental, so we prioritize getting the equipment to you when you need it. Contact True Steel and let’s get started on your project.